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We’re a game short of the 2/3rds mark of this Premier League season, and it’s been a strange one to say the least.

Everything began with so much hope in the summer. Mauricio Pochettino’s arrival seemed to clear some of the bad vibes of last season away, there were exciting signings and plenty of promise.

But things soon faded, and since then it’s been an endless succession of good and bad runs, never quite establishing ourselves either way. So who would be our player of the season, given that? If you were going to use your Paddy Power Promo Code down and put some money on it, who would it be?

The obvious answer is Cole Palmer. He didn’t even arrive in time for the first games of the season, but has already scored 10 Premier League goals, 24% of our total. In all competitions he has 12 goals and 8 assists, an outrageous contribution for a 21 year old playing what is effectively his first Premier League season.

He’s had his quiet moments, but even in games like the match against Crystal Palace on Monday night this week where he was totally out of the game for most of it, he still ended up making the most important contributions of all when he grabbed two assists to help his team win.

Palmer is the clear front runner, but there are other candidates. Conor Gallagher has battled back from the brink of being sold on deadline day to establish himself as a key part of Pochettino’s team. He’s been running around making things happen all season, but the last couple of games have seen him start scoring too. He’s really impressed all season, and looks like he’s just getting better and better.

His form is making a mockery of the plans to sell him.

A final shout has to go to Malo Gusto. He’s had his injury problems here and there, as well as a suspension for a very harsh straight red card, but when he’s been on the pitch he’s been a revelation.

He’s so dynamic up and down his side of the pitch, and has also been versatile enough to switch sides when needed. Of course he will never have the goals and assist output of Palmer, but he’s proving almost as important to the team.

So despite the bad collective campaign, there are some good individual efforts to commend, with these three at the top of the list.

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