Omar Berrada lays out plans for Manchester United, tighter team and new hire first on agenda – Man United News And Transfer News

Manchester United is changing and the change driven by Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s team is getting every fan giddy.

The first domino to fall was the shock coup of Omar Berrada from Manchester City and since then, names like Dan Ashworth and Jason Wilcox have been mentioned.

Of course, INEOS are bringing their own guys in but part of the reason behind their success will be the backing they get from the INEOS.

To that tune, encouraging noises are coming out of Old Trafford.

The Guardian reports that Berrada, the one confirmed appointment at an executive level under the new regime, has laid out his plans for United.

He will seek to create a “tight management team” to “forge a new path ahead of the club”, while also targeting a deputy CEO to work with him.

Both of those points are momentous in their own right.

Firstly, a “tight management team” with a clear demarcation of responsibilities but the fluid exchange of ideas is something United have lacked for years.

Non-football people like Ed Woodward have made decisions and people like John Murtough have come out of nowhere to be appointed Director of Football without prior experience/qualification in that role.

As such, a tighter management team will bring much-needed expertise and hopefully streamline decision-making.

Secondly, the fact that Berrada is being given the freedom to appoint a person to work with him shows the trust INEOS are placing in their man.

United job is taxing, to put it politely, something Erik ten Hag also alluded to recently, and no single person can do it all.

Therefore, if Berrada feels the workflow will be more efficient with a deputy CEO hire then doing so would be a no-brainer.

The report states that he has already spoken to a “senior person in football finance” about the role, stamping the speed at which INEOS are working.

The euphoria from new hires is always good momentum for the club and soon, they will be judged on actual results and their vision for the team.

Till then, the process at least looks like it’s on the right track, and that’s all one can do sometimes and what United have failed to do for the last decade.

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