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People might see this is a little hypocritical, and to be honest, I’m not 100% backing it as it’s not a simple and straight forward decision, but I understand it and I’m OK with it.

For this one, I agree with the sporting directors, and I am totally fine with Conor Gallagher being sold this summer.

People hear me preach for experience, leadership, and players who are passionate and love the club. People see me preach for warriors and players who leave everything out there. Gallagher ticks all of those boxes, so why am I OK with him leaving?

To begin with, I don’t actually think he starts when everyone is fit, will HE be content being a squad player? I’m not so sure he would be.

Also, I agree with this…

Liam Twomey of The Athletic reported Chelsea’s sporting leadership and ownership have not been convinced that Conor Gallagher should be integral to their long-term midfield plans.

  • It is why they were prepared to accept a £45million ($57.5m) offer from Everton in January last year
  • Why West Ham and Tottenham were emboldened to express serious interest the following summer.

  • It is also why Chelsea have spent north of £300million on midfielders in the past 18 months, headlined by the nine-figure transfer fees paid for Enzo Fernandez and Moises Caicedo.

Chelsea also need the money incoming to balance the books, we all know that, whether there are PSR concerns or not. We can’t just keep buying without selling big too, and I truly believe we still need to spend in at least three key areas this summer.

I love Gallagher, I love his attitude and how he fights for the team. But in terms of quality, I don’t think he’s quite there. I think the rest of our centre midfielders have more quality.

I’m probably still in the minority by being OK with Gallagher being sold, but this is a decision that I would actually pretty much back.

I think with the style of football that Enzo Maresca will play as well, other midfielders we have suit that a lot better than Gallagher does.

Gallagher is a solid, tenacious, and reliable player. But he doesn’t do much extra, he doesn’t have much x-factor about his game. We need players to stand out and take us forward. I will always appreciate Gallagher and I do think he will be missed and it’s not an easy decision at all. It will be a tough decision, but I think it’s one that I will agree with if he is sold.

I completely appreciate others might disagree with this and I respect that fully.

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