Tears, fist pumps & more tears – Jurgen Klopp’s emotional farewell at Dortmund – Liverpool FC

The day is looming, it’s one we wish we could put off for a while yet, but Jurgen Klopp‘s final farewell is only around the corner – and history shows we’re in for tears and plenty of them.

We all knew the day was in our future, but not this soon. Klopp’s departure from Liverpool is coming at us all too quickly, as are the emotions.

After nearly nine years at Anfield, for some Klopp is all they have ever known; he is this generation’s Bill Shankly and that is not easy to part with.

But the decision has been made and we can get a sense of what the farewell will look like from his Borussia Dortmund departure – spoiler: it will make you highly emotional!

Klopp spent seven years at Dortmund, winning five trophies before leaving in 2015. And the reception at Westfalenstadion was incredible, with a ‘Danke Jurgen’ banner unfurled.

After his final home game, Klopp tipped his hat to the yellow wall, waved goodbye with tears in his eyes and made sure to do one final round of fist pumps.

He walked through his guard of honour twice, making every moment count, but perhaps the most emotional part of it all was his speech, projected onto the screens inside the stadium.

That won’t be possible at Anfield, so perhaps we may get a live version – although, not sure any of us could keep it together if he did and that’s exactly why he went pre-recorded for Dortmund.

In his speech, Klopp thanked the supporters, and Dortmund’s hierarchy, for the honour of serving the German club for as long as he did.

He signed off by saying: “I’ve had great fun here and again, many, many thanks for everything and we’ll see each other again, we definitely will.”

A message from the heart and one that will have certainly tipped a few people over the edge, as will most certainly be the case at Anfield on the final day of the Premier League on May 19.

Supporters will share their memories and stories, as Dortmund’s faithful did, and it will be an occasion to celebrate a legendary figure.

These throwbacks don’t half make it feel real.

Thanks for all the memories, Jurgen. But there’s still just enough time to make more before our teary farewell comes around!

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