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David Beckham, the president and co-owner of Inter Miami, may be looking to extend his business portfolio in England.

However, the former Manchester United number seven is not thinking about investing in his old club.

According to The Daily Star, the English businessman is apparently toying with the idea of investing in a Premier League club.

The Brentford links are clear as his son, Romeo Beckham, is currently playing for the side’s B team and in the reporter’s opinion, “the connections exist to possibly get a deal done”.

Moreover, the west London club are also clearly open to investment or some sort of minority stake. A spokesperson from Brentford commented, “given the recent rise and growth of our club and the changing shareholder landscape within the Premier League, it’s no surprise that there has been interest in investment opportunities at Brentford FC”.

The current owner of the team, Matthew Benham, is said to be committed to the team but according to the spokesperson, “it is only natural, and perhaps even essential, for us to carefully explore what new investment could potentially mean for the future of Brentford”.

The team, who were promoted to the Premier League in 2021, do not intend to “stand still” and are “determined” to protect their status as a Premier League club and aim to stay “competitive in the world’s most challenging and successful league.”

Brentford certainly are a small fish in a big pond. The club’s Gtech Community Stadium, with a capacity of just 18,250, is the third smallest stadium in the Premier League. In addition, in May 2023, they were ranked as the Premier League team who pay the lowest wages. Most likely Luton Town are the only side with less funds to invest in the league.

This is where someone like Beckham could potentially step in. The former England captain led an organisation that would go on to buy Inter Miami in 2014, and they would play their first Major League Soccer (MLS) game in 2020.

Beckham has also had recent links to Manchester United in a financial capacity. The Peoples Person reported that the United legend was “reportedly in line for an ambassadorial role” if Sheikh Jassim’s bid to take over the club had been successful.

The man who scored 85 goals for the Red Devils also has links to Qatar. He recently denied he was “upset by the criticism he received over his decision to accept millions of pounds from Qatar to serve as a football ambassador around last year’s World Cup”.

Potentially, Brentford could be a logical start for Beckham to invest in English football. Arguably the smallest team in the division and with pre-existing connections through his son, there may be an opportunity to strike.

Clearly the London side are open to a minority stake but Brentford fans will probably not get too excited until there is significantly more concrete news on the topic.

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