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As of now, Thiago Silva is leaving Chelsea in the summer when his current contract runs out at the club.

Again, as of now (as things can always change), there are no talks about a new contract extension to keep the 39-year-old beyond the summer.

It is certainly something that has been internally discussed, but as of now that’s all – we will have to wait and see if they decide to try and keep Silva or not.

It’s sparked a few conversations and debates on the socials this week, whether Chelsea should be keeping Silva for another season, so I thought it would be interesting to see what everyone in this community is feeling about that, whilst also giving my own view.

As we know, Silva’s boys play in Chelsea’s academy and I believe they are there for at least another season. If Silva goes, then arrangements will need to be made or plans will need to change involving his lads.

Silva has a desire to see out his career in Brazil, and where it all started for him with Fluminense. He also has a desire to go into coaching.

I did hear a while back that Chelsea were keen to give him a coaching role when he does retire, so even if he does end up leaving the club in the summer, maybe it wont be long before he returns once again in a different capacity.

His English is getting better all the time, and having Silva’s influence around Cobham would only be a good thing. We’re getting ahead of ourselves there anyway, there’s a little way to go until then and some more corners to take for him.

Silva is now free to discuss his next move from this month, and he could even agree his next move from now. But should Chelsea be trying to keep him?

He’ll be 40-years-old in September, but he is still one of Chelsea’s most important players, and the way he looks after himself I just can’t see his levels really dropping.

Mauricio Pochettino picks him and relies on him, and I have just chosen him as my player of 2023, and so did the majority of you on here.

Thiago Silva

For me, I believe the time is right for Chelsea, and for Silva, to part ways in the summer. I don’t disagree that he can keep performing at this level and still be a huge asset, as well as a rare leader in this team, but I think the time is right to say goodbye (for now) to Silva.

I’d absolutely hate to see it become another Branislav Ivanovic or even Cesar Azpilicueta situation where their decline saw fans turn on them and their ending at the club not be as happy as it should be. Who knows if Silva will even decline like they did, but it’s possible.

In fact, we’ve already seen it, haven’t we? Fans turning on Silva this season and last season.

I still think he’s a superb defender and he has single-handedly kept us in many games this season. We lack leaders, so for me to be saying I’d let a leader go this summer is quite tough to say and a little bit contradictive. I actually even think he should be wearing the captains armband this season.

But I want the best for Silva and the best for Chelsea, and I think we should be looking to move forward without Silva. But I’d be replacing him with a similar profile who is also a leader, yet a younger leader. I don’t think we should be having to rely on a 39-year-old week after week, I think we should be moving forward with this project and building our team around the new era.

Silva still wants to play and end his career in Brazil, and I think he needs to do that this summer so he can still be at his very best.

I must say, this is not a decision that I found as easy as I did say 3 or 4 months back. It’s certainly not as cut and dry for me anymore, but I just think that it’s the right time.

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