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Chelsea manager Mauricio Pochettino is under huge amounts of pressure, the most he has been under so far as Blues boss.

It very much feels like a game-by-game type of situation right now, despite all the media briefings claiming that Chelsea are backing him and want to finish the season with him at the very least.

We have heard that all before of course, even on the same day that Graham Potter got sacked when they said the same about him.

I personally think there is no way back now for Pochettino and Chelsea, and the big decision needs to be made to replace him with an interim manager.

We cannot wait for another long round of interviews for the next permanent manager, so that can wait until the summer. But we have to bring a Chelsea legend back to the club, one who is available now in the shape of Jose Mourinho.

Some might frown at that idea, but I think as an interim only, it would be smart. Would he even accept that contract? Who knows? Maybe not. But we should try. Maybe even if we agreed to some sort of contract that if he did well, then it could be extended past the interim level.

I don’t think Mourinho would work as the long-term option simply because he is not a yes man, and the Chelsea owners clearly want yes men. Mourinho would want some power in the transfer markets, and it doesn’t look like this Chelsea ownership would give him that, and it would end in disaster.

So unless they are prepared to change their ways, give Mourinho a window where he can bring in 2-3 of his own signings, and go forward like that, it should be interim only for now.

But as an interim he would provide an immediate boost that Chelsea needs. He already has a connection with the fans, and he can motivate players who will respect his legacy and what he has achieved in the game. Put John Terry alongside him as his number two and instil that important culuture back in the club and teach them what it means to wear that badge.

This didn’t work last season with Frank Lampard because personally I just think he is going to be a better director than he ever will be a coach. But the idea was right.

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It can’t get much worse than what it already is, so it’s low risk. But we do still have things to fight for and we know that Mourinho is a serial winner and he will not allow standards to drop. He is also very good at being pragmatic and getting results on the board with any means must.

Personally I think this could be a very smart move and should be done now sooner rather than later.

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