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Chelsea’s up and down 2023/2024 season has been extremely stressful, to say the least. In a way it’s been more stressful than our last campaign, which was so bad that we were basically already looking forward to the summer by this point.

This time around, we’ve been good for just enough games that it’s kept hope alive. And we all know it’s the hope that kills you.

That’s exactly what we’re feeling right now, on the verge of a Carabao Cup final against Liverpool. The hope is building, and we can feel belief rising…

We won’t bore you with the pros and cons of bet365 in Ghana or your local bookie for that matter. All we’ll say is that you need to find somewhere to put a bet down right now – Chelsea are going to win it this time.

Our last two Wembley finals against Liverpool ended 0-0, and with penalty shootout defeat.

But this time it will be different, right? The team that lost those finals was a really tough, dedicated Thomas Tuchel organised side, but the writing felt like it was on the wall for most of those players – as indeed it proved to be. There’s no doubt they did their best, but in both games the belief of Liverpool, especially when it came to penalties, proved too much against a Chelsea team riddled with short and long term uncertainties.

This time it’s the opposite: a lot of fresh players with plenty of flaws in their game, but they at least they know they are at the start of their Chelsea journey, and not the end.

Pochettino is exceptionally motivated too – his failure to win a cup in England has always been held against him, and he would dearly love to scratch that itch, we’re sure. He is still under some pressure, and a win here would be a massive relief.

The injuries affecting Liverpool will help us, as will the fact that they played against Luton on Wednesday night while we were resting. The general trend of our season has been that we’re stronger in the games against top teams which come out and attack us, and while Liverpool did put us to the sword in the recent 4-1, there was an early penalty shout that day when Conor Gallagher was brought down which could have gone the other way and left us with a very different result.

Honestly, everything is playing to our favour and we have a truly brilliant chance of winning this one. Do you believe?

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